Program Staff

Program Staff

staffordsmall  Amanda Stafford McRell

Amanda Stafford McRell joined the SC-ADAR team in 2019 to teach the professional writing course.  
Amanda fell in love with writing through academic and professional experiences. Her love of writing has led her to also enjoy working with students on writing so that their unique thoughts and perspectives can be more widely communicated and shared by others. Amanda firmly believes that everyone can become an even better, stronger, clearer writer and aspires to continue growing her own skills as she works with students in the SC-ADAR program.
Amanda’s writing class aims to support students as they build and refine their abilities to create essays, applications, personal statements and other professional texts relevant to their professional development as emerging leaders in aging and science.

Wilsonsmall   Betty Wilson

In 2019, Betty Wilson joined the SC- ADAR team to facilitate “Chat and Chew” professional development sessions. 

As a proud graduate of Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC, Betty has a special commitment to and connection with students at HBCUs. Her personal experiences have inspired her to develop and implement pre-professional development sessions with students in the SC-ADAR program that she uniquely coined Chat and Chew. Betty believes that students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, should have a safe place where they can engage in open and healthy conversations, share experiences, and discuss and work through potential issues—and that place is in the classroom of her Chat and Chew sessions.

Betty’s Chat and Chew sessions aim to provide social support to students that enhance their successful navigation in the SC-ADAR program and contribute to their growth and professional development as rising scholars in science and aging research.