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Program Goalscadargraphic

The SC-ADAR undergraduate research program is designed to improve underrepresented racial and ethnic minority students’ research experience, academic skills, and readiness for career advancement. The program prepares students to pursue graduate studies in science, technology, engineering, and medicine related to aging.


Program Expectations

Two-year participation, including:

Two (10 week) summer research education programs

Ongoing academic advising (junior year)

Career/professional advising (senior year)

Full-time, five days/week, 36 hours/week

Participation in evaluation of program activities

Poster presentation at the USC Summer Research Symposium

Maintenance of 3.0 (or 4.0 depending on scale) GPA during each year of program participation

Completion of annual academic progress reports for each year of program participation


Program Support 

• Stipend

• Housing on USC campus

• Travel reimbursement



Member of an underrepresented minority group

Enrolled as an undergraduate (sophomore) at one of the 5 collaborating HBCUs

Majoring in an MSTEM field (pre-professional, science, technology, engineering, or math)

Interest in science and aging research

GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale (or 4.0 or above on a 5 point scale)

Citizen, non-citizen national, or permanent resident of the US 


program support


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